Faulty Products

We are a nation of consumers and although we expect all products we buy to be safe and in good condition; unfortunately this is not always the case. From cars to cosmetics a faulty product has the potential to cause injury.

The types of injury suffered may include but are not limited to:

  • Burns caused by defective electrical equipment;
  • Scarring caused by contaminated cosmetics;
  • Broken limbs after falling from a faulty ladder;
  • Poisoning caused by contaminated foods.

There are a number of reasons why products may be faulty; for example contaminated at manufacture, poor product design, failure to give warnings.

It is important to remember laws are in place to protect the consumer from faulty products. If you are making a claim due to a faulty product, make sure you keep everything i.e. packaging, instructions, receipts and the product if possible.

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