Industrial disease

Work related illnesses include physical illnesses such as respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and repetitive strain injuries. It also can include psychological illnesses which may result due to stress at work or from bullying or harassment.

These illnesses can have life changing consequences which may prevent you returning to work and in some situations the illness may be life threatening.

Your employer has a duty to protect you against any form of short or long term injury. If you believe that your illness is work related, you could claim compensation.

Beat Knee Bursitis

This results from the constant kneeling and crawling and that leads to the inflammation of the knee joint. People who are vulnerable to this are people who kneel and bend for a living such as plumbers, carpet fitters and floorers.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Anyone who experiences a repetitive strain injury will appreciate how painful such an injury can be. It may also have a significant impact on your normal day to day activities.

RSI is on the increase due to the number of jobs where people are expected to use a computer constantly. Injury sustained through overuse of computer equipment without proper rest periods can eventually cause disability. This is sometimes referred to as WRULD “Work Related Upper Limb Disorder”. The disorders are many, for example tendonitis. These types of injuries are not limited to computer work but can occur in any job where there is repetitive use of machinery and/or tools.

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