Slips, trips or falls

Every occupier of land and buildings whether it is at home, shop, offices, public transport, leisure clubs, parks and factories has a duty to take care of visitor’s safety. Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because another person or group has neglected their duty.

For example, the Highway Authorities and the local councils are under a duty to maintain the highways, which includes making regular checks to ensure that the highways are not dangerous as a result of potholes, broken drains or raised flagstones. Likewise, owners or occupiers of shops, shopping centres and public buildings have a responsibility to ensure that you will be reasonably safe.

If you have had an accident that isn’t your fault in a public place then you may be entitled to claim compensation. Common types of claims are slipping and tripping and falling over obstructions. If you have been involved in an accident in a public place, call us now for your free consultation and we can discuss the precise circumstances of your accident.

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