The Steps to Take if You Have Been Injured at Work
By Ruth Hinchliffe January 2018

So, you have been injured at work and you’re considering making a personal injury claim. In order to maximise your compensation and prove the accident circumstances there are some important steps that you should take.

Report the accident and the injuries as soon as possible. This could be either by completing the company accident report book or writing a letter to your employer or line manager detailing what has happened. If possible, keep a copy of the report made or letter written. Always include the details of any witnesses to the accident as their account can sometimes be the difference between winning or losing a case.

We have found in the past that employers will deny that accidents have happened or the accident reports have been lost or destroyed. If you talk to your employer following the accident, try and write up a careful note of what was said. Even better, if you exchange communications with your employer by email or text, keep them safe!

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