Cafcass Figures Show that Care Proceedings are being Issued at an All-time High
The most recent Cafcass publications taken from their website shows that care proceedings are being issued at an all-time high. The reasoning behind this could simply be overzealous local authority’s or alternatively an increased awareness of the basic care needs of children being shared with social services by schools, GPs, and or referrals from family, friends, and even neighbours. 
If these concerns are grave enough to alert the local authority, and the local authority believes that the child is being neglected (e.g. missing GP appointments, children not attending school, children seen to be unkempt, children not being adequately fed, children being subjected to emotional or psychical abuse, sexual abuse) that may be a serious cause for concern.
In June 2017 Cafcass received a total of 1,330 care applications, which is the highest monthly figure ever. This figure represents a 19% increase compared to those received in June 2015. It appears to be the highest ever monthly figure.          

If the above affects you or anyone you know then please feel free to contact our specialist childcare team on 01462 483 800 who will be more than willing to take on your matter.
By Sara Dobson and Vyonne Manuel