Are you wondering what the time limit is for making your accident claim?
You should always make your accident claim as soon as possible.  As the injured person, you will need to provide evidence that the accident happened in the way you say it did.  The sooner you can gather this evidence, or seek legal help in doing so, the better.

There are various types of personal injury or accident claim and each one has a ‘limitation period’. This means that you as the injured party (or Claimant) have a set amount of time in which to pursue a claim and if necessary, to take that claim to court before you lose the chance of being awarded accident compensation.  Normally there is a lot of work to do on a claim before taking it to court and it is best to seek legal advice well before the end of the limitation period.

The general rule in England and Wales is that you have three years from the date of the accident causing the injury to register your claim at court.  However the law relating to limitation can be complicated, especially when it comes to calculating the limitation period for a claim involving a child under 18 years old, for example.  If a claim is not issued at court within the required time limit, the claim is at risk of being rejected. 

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Ruth Hinchliffe and Sylvia Phillips