The Beast from the East Set to Return

It turns out the so called Beast from the East might be making an appearance again. Going by last year, this will mean periods of snow, ice and lots of teeth chattering!

I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to be doing when there is snow or ice on the ground is drive to work or do the school run in it but many of us make what seems to be the sensible choice of leaving the car at home in favour of walking.

Then it happens, what you really don’t want to happen, you lose your footing, slip and slide all over the show and hope that nobody is watching. Some people get up and carry on with their day as if nothing has happened but for others the outcome is different, bruises, soft tissue injuries, or even broken bones.

If you slip on snow or ice at work you could be entitled to compensation. Your employer has a duty of care towards all employees to ensure they do everything reasonably possible to prevent employees slipping on snow and ice in the workplace. This includes keeping areas clear of snow and ice which are frequently used such as work yards, car parks and pathways.

Different authorities and organisations owe each of us different duties of care including local councils and occupiers of premises.

So if the Beast from the East does return and you suffer injury as a result of slipping on snow and ice, call GC Solicitors on 01462 483800 to see if you could claim compensation.

Ruth Hinchliffe