Can I Have A Receipt Please?
A personal injury claim is made up of two heads of damage: ‘general damages’ which is compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity and ‘special damages’ which is compensation for past and future out of pocket expenses.

In order to claim for past losses, it really is important to keep all available evidence, where possible, in the form of receipts or invoices in support of any losses which you have incurred. Such things might include, taxi fares, prescription charges, over the counter medication, and parking charges when going to the hospital, the list is vast. My advice to clients is to list everything and at the appropriate stage of the claim. I will then figure out what you can reasonably claim for and what you can’t.

Regardless of how small the expense is, over time you will be surprised just how much each head adds up. Without evidence (receipts/invoices) of your losses, the Defendant may only be willing to offer a nominal sum if anything at all. So please, please remember to list everything as you go, whether it is on a scrap of paper, a notes app on your phone or an excel spreadsheet on your computer and keep the evidence of the loss!

By Ruth Hinchliffe