Case Study Reviews

Fall Resulting in Boken Hip

Mrs J instructed Ruth Hinchliffe to pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf when she suffered a broken hip as a result of falling off the unmarked edge of a display plinth in a well-known furniture store. Liability was quickly admitted and following disclosure of the Claimant’s medical evidence, the Defendant insurer made a first offer of £11,500. Ruth argued that Mrs J had been left with residual scarring following the operative procedure to repair her broken hip, Mrs J’s recovery had plateaued within a period of 12-18 months and Mrs J had sadly suffered a drop in her level of mobility, together with a lack of confidence when walking, unlike before the accident. Ruth secured an increased settlement of £20,000.

The client received £20,000.

Happy to Move to GC Solicitors 

Mrs S was a visitor of a premises within the definition of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 when she caught her foot in a rill which formed part of a garden exhibition, lost her balance and broke her ankle. As a result, Mrs S had to have an operation, wear an air boot for approximately 5 months and undertake physiotherapy to aid her recovery. Mrs S instructed solicitors and was very unhappy with the service received before instructing GC Solicitors. Ruth settled the case for £15,000.
The client was awarded £15,000.

Supermarket Accident 

Ruth recently settled a case in negligence under s2(2) Occupiers Liability Act 1957 for Mrs S who was injured whilst a visitor at a supermarket on the basis that the Defendant supermarket had failed to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of visitors to its premises. Whilst walking down an aisle an employee of the Defendant dropped a box on our client’s leg which was being lifting down from a height. Mrs S suffered a deep laceration which required steri-strips and regular dressings. However, the wound became infected and the injury symptoms took a total of 21 months to resolve and left minimal residual scarring. Ruth negotiated settlement in the sum of £6,300.
The client was awarded £6,300.

Award for Accident at Gym – Defective Mat 

Ruth recently settled a case for Miss R following a public liability accident. Whilst walking across a play mat in a gym hall, the mat which had inadequate gripping to the underside, slipped, causing Miss R to fall to the floor suffering injury to her hip and shoulder. Liability was initially denied on the basis of human error until disclosure of documents revealed that the mat had been disposed of on the day of the accident and the mat which the Defendant argued was the mat in question and not defective was incorrect. Physiotherapy to aid Miss R’s recovery commenced through the Defendant and a compensation award of £8,000 for Miss R was negotiated.
The client was awarded £8,000.

Work Injury Compensation – Foot Pedal Injury

Mr T has been awarded compensation by his former employers after a legal battle.  The employers were at fault for their lack of checks, not allowing for proper rests or time doing other work, where his job involved standing for long periods his work station pressing a pedal with one foot whilst standing on the other.  He developed a knee injury and lost 3 years wages as a result.  GC Solicitors successfully represented him in his claim and the claim settled before going to court.
The client was awarded £30,000.

Terrifying Crash Case

Mr LH was a passenger in an Audi car where the young driver drove at terrifying high speeds along country roads, despite Mr LH pleading with him to stop the car.  The driver lost control, crashed badly and the car caught fire.  Mr LH was left badly injured and traumatised.

Mr LH said that ‘The case was handled very professionally and with a great deal of empathy and sensitivity to my personal circumstances.  Sylvia throughout this case has been an ideal example of the ‘Gold Standard’ of law practitioners by which other professionals should be measured.  .I would also like to thank all of the administration staff who have always shown the highest level of customer service and professionalism. ‘
The client received £160,000.

RTA settled within 10 months

Mrs H from Hertfordshire, instructed GC personal injury lawyer Ruth Hinchliffe to make a car accident claim as she had suffered whiplash type symptoms. Ruth was able to get liability admitted early on and arranged for Mrs H to receive private physiotherapy through the Defendant’s insurer to aid her recovery. The case was settled within 10 months with loss and injury compensation in the sum of £3,600.
Loss and injury compensation totalled £3,600.

Father secures regular contact with son after relationship collapses

GC Solicitors acted for a father who was being denied regular, direct and indirect, contact with his son by his ex- partner. Initially on separation contact between father and son was appropriate however our client soon realised that access to his son was becoming increasingly difficult. After unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a contact schedule with his ex-partner through mediation, we advised our client to make an application for a Child Arrangements Order. With our advice and guidance our client prepared a proposed contact schedule between him and his son for the final hearing. This consisted of both direct and indirect contact which included telephone calls and FaceTime. 
Client preserved regular contact with his son.

Success in divorce with complex financial element

A divorce matter in which the wife had dependent children from a previous marriage and the husband had brought the matrimonial home was particularly complex because there were insufficient assets to provide the wife with a fair settlement and to ensure the children, who had been supported by the husband, had a roof over their heads. Both parties were in full time employment but with differing incomes but the wife also had no pension provision.

Although the parties were in agreement as to how much would be paid to the wife, they had been unable to reach a final agreement because the husband insisted on retaining the home but claimed to be unable to pay the whole of the lump sum in one payment. The wife did not want to give up occupation of the home until the payment was made in full because of the risk of the husband defaulting.

We were successful in the end in agreeing a series of lump sums to be paid, with protections in place that would trigger the payment of a penalty sum and would force the sale of the home if the husband defaulted on any payment.
Wife achieves positive outcome in divorce